Welcome on the website of the Association the Heart on the Paw for the Animals!


There is too many rodents and NAC (New Pets) given up in France and it is necessary for us to act! We wish to see the end of the abandons, tortures, ill-treatments and experiments on our friends, rodents and NAC. 


The purpose of our association is to take in the abandoned rodents that other bigger structures, not equipped for them, can't keep thus. We offer them a home, a food adapted to every species, a medical care, a grooming and of course a lot of affection!


You will find on our website the photos of our proteges at the adoption, informations about them, the activities of the assocation and why not, help us in our fight against the ill-treatments to rodents and NAC.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, if you want to invest yourself, you can ask your card of member, make a donation, or talk about it around you, to continue to make our voice heard.


Good visit on our website and thank you to defend the animal cause.


The team of AHPA of Loiret.



Last edited: 05 aug 2017